icon Conclusion of Cooperative Agreement on Radiation Emergency Medicine Services

Hiroshima University, Hiroshima Prefectural Hospital, Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital & Atomic Bomb Survivors Hospital, and National Hospital Organization Kure Medical Center concluded a cooperative agreement on radiation emergency medicine services on December 21 2006.

The purpose of this agreement is to aim at the further improvement of radiation emergency medicine, enhancing the cooperative system between the medical establishment and personal networks, and to establish a collaborative system with radiation emergency medical institutions.

Hiroshima University was designated as a tertiary radiation emergency medical institution for Western Japan Region in March 2004, and is making progress in building networks with primary and secondary radiation emergency medical institutions and developing effective radiation emergency medical systems. Also, as cooperation with foundation hospitals in the Hiroshima area is vital in case of large numbers of radiation exposure patients needing treatment, with the cooperation of relevant institutions the gConference of the Radiation Emergency Medical Cooperative Institution of the Hiroshima Districth was set up and a collaborative and cooperative system for radiation emergency medicine is being developed.

In the future, through wide-scale interlinked cooperation between foundation hospitals in the Hiroshima district and Hiroshima University, with its global achievements in the treatment, theoretical research and education concerning atomic bomb survivors, we hope this radiation emergency medicine that has grown up in Hiroshima will contribute widely to the development of radiation emergency medicine in Japan.

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